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Introducing SNACKABLES! Product Training for Retail Salespeople

Pet Care Weekly is thrilled to announce the launch of our first Snackable featuring a line of retail dental products from Dechra, an industry-leading manufacturer of pet products. Snackables are 2–3 minute product training videos designed to help pet retail salespeople better understand the products they are selling, increasing the value they bring to their businesses and customers they serve.

To watch the Dechra Snackable, click HERE.

Pet Care Weekly intends to roll out new Snackables on supplements, diet products, snacks, new technology, pet grooming kits, chew toys and more, over the coming months. If you have ideas on new or existing products that would benefit by developing Snackables, please let us know! To learn more about Snackables, and how your company can activate retail salespeople, please contact Marty Comer at

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Groups use AI to prevent pet obesity

The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention and Companion are teaming up to develop an artificial intelligence tool that aims to address pet obesity. Through the new partnership, technology in development will be able to use a camera to more accurately determine whether an animal is overweight or has obesity. This should take out the subjectivity currently involved in the process of assessing pets’ body condition.

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Lucky Dogs: A local success story

For 15 years, Lucky Dogs has sold dog food, supplements and other products in Skaneateles, New York. It also offers services such as dog walking and in-home pet sitting. “We definitely seek out products that are not in big box stores and don’t have a large e-commerce presence,” co-owners Amy and Pat Schiek told Pet Care Weekly. “That isn’t always easy to do, so differentiation is really important to us. In the retail space, it’s especially important.”

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The Innovation Spotlight: PDX Biotech

PDX Biotech has created OraStripdx, a rapid test that detects periodontal disease in cats and dogs. Veterinarians administer the test in the exam room, swabbing the pet’s gums and getting a result in 10 seconds. Company leaders hope this test encourages pet owners to follow through on dental recommendations from their veterinarian. They’d like the test to become a routine component of veterinary exams.

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