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Soft skills that can boost your career

Veterinary industry recruiter Stacy Pursell gives a roundup of several skills and traits—beyond your technical abilities—that can help you advance in your career. These “soft skills,” like being able to communicate effectively and sell your ideas, are important in a job like veterinary medicine, where you’re constantly interacting with clients.

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To stand out to future employers, bone up on SEO

As veterinary students strive to demonstrate what makes them stand out from their peers, understanding search engine optimization could be a key tool. Responding to an article that originally appeared in the Fountain Report, Veterinary Student Insider managing editor Breanna Demaline explains how knowing best SEO practices for search engines like Google can make future graduates valuable employees.

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The power of compounding

As part of an article series in the Veterinary Student Insider on personal finance, Dr. Brent Mayabb offers advice to help readers begin thinking about retirement planning. Mayabb discusses the principle of compounding to maximize your retirement savings and explains why it’s important to start early.

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