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Understanding the DNA of the Veterinary Practice

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A company-specific training program that helps animal health manufacturers, distributors and service providers better understand their customers. The program is designed for individuals from a variety of positions, including sales, marketing, customer service, PR and even executives. Participants will gain a ground-level understanding of what goes on in a companion animal practice, especially from a financial perspective.

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DNA Syllabus

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Overview of the Veterinary Profession
  • Historical development and changing role of the veterinarian and veterinary profession
  • Statistical overview of the veterinary profession
  • Review of schools for veterinarians and technicians, trade, and professional associations
  • The rise of the corporate practice sector and current leaders
  • The impact and continuing impact of COVID on the profession and its service models
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Business and Ownership Models of Veterinary Practices 
  • Evolution of the veterinary business model over the past 20 years
  • Different service model types, as well as benefits and pain points of each
  • Understanding markets where they fit, and decision points for meeting customer’s needs
  • Changing ownership models and key influencers within each
  • Designing a sales strategy that works for each model
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Key Constituents in the Practice and Their Drivers
  • Overview of the practice team, including personalities, pre-existing perceptions, and biases
  • Breakdown of each team member, and their individual needs and requirements
  • Big picture view of the collective needs of the organization
  • Putting together a comprehensive sales positioning initiative for major stakeholders
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Understanding the Veterinary Practice P&L
  • Understanding profitability and why it’s so important.
  • Revenue: making the gears turn
  • The rule of 70/30
  • Costs: what does it take to turn on the lights? Labor, benefits, COGS, G&A
  • Profitability and cash flow, free cash flow, and reinvestment
  • Understanding the influence of debt on the practice
  • Finding a place in the practice’s financial conversation
  • How to establish yourself and your company as trusted partners


Understanding the DNA of the Veterinary Practice

This program will be offered on a company-specific basis in 2023.

Company-specific programs

Dr. Meredith’s insights into the inner workings of a veterinary practice were powerful, especially in terms of breaking down the P&L and understanding how and why certain financial decisions are made. Coming from a veterinarian with an MBA who owns 3 separate practices, it really hit home with our team, and has helped them speak the financial language of the veterinarian, allowing them to be seen as a partner to the practice.”

— Brad Kaegi, Executive Director, Marketing, Merk Animal Health

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