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Veterinary Enterprise Practice Report, Q1’24 edition

Welcome to the Enterprise Practice Report! We hope you find this helpful as you assess and navigate the changing veterinary practice landscape. This report will be updated and published quarterly for Fountain Report subscribers. We will develop future versions with additional data, insights and analysis designed to help Fountain Report subscribers make the best possible decisions in their enterprise practice strategy.

About Comprehensive Veterinary Market Analysis

Market Overview

Navigating the Veterinary Landscape

One of the most significant and impactful trends over the past decade in the U.S. animal health market has been the development of enterprise veterinary practices. Driven by the human-animal bond, the demand for veterinary services has continued to grow, attracting capital at an unprecedented rate from investors seeking to participate. Enterprise practices command a significant percentage of the overall business volume, so it is imperative for suppliers to understand who they are, how they operate and how to do business with them.

What to Expect

Insights into the Enterprise Practice Report

This is a comprehensive online database of major players in the pet health industry. The purpose is to give Fountain Report subscribers access to reliable information they need about the industry’s most important companies. In this version we chose to include consolidators, well-funded emerging models, virtual care companies and other companies entering the space with an intent to grow.  In essence, it was a rather subjective exercise, and we welcome input as we move forward. Inside of the report, you will find our data governance policies used to guide decisions on what to include in this report.

The companies we cover in the Report

Alliance Animal Health
American Veterinary Group
Amerivet Veterinary Partners
Animal Dermatology Group
AZ Pet Vet
Banfield Pet Hospital
Blue River Petcare
BluePearl Pet Hospital
Bond Vet
Boston Veterinary Clinic
Cara Veterinary
Chewy: Connect With a Vet
Chewy Vet Clinic
Community Veterinary Partners
Companion Pet Partners
Coyne Veterinary Services
Curo Pet Care
Destination Pet
Doppler Veterinary Network
Dutch Pet
Encore Vet Group
Ethos Veterinary Health
EverVet Partners
Eye Care for Animals

Galaxy Vets
Good Neighbor Vet
Heart + Paw
Heartland Veterinary Partners
Innovetive Petcare
Inspire Veterinary Partners
Lakefield Veterinary Group
Lap of Love
Mission Veterinary Partners
Modern Animal
My Pets Wellness
Nave Veterinary Group
NewDay Veterinary Care
Northeast Veterinary Partners
O’Brien Veterinary Group
Old Brown Dog Veterinary Partners (OBDVP)
Papaya Veterinary Care
Parker & Ace
PetMedic Urgent Care
PetSmart Veterinary Services
PetVet Care Centers
PetVet Clinic
Rarebreed Veterinary Partners

SAGE Veterinary Centers
Small Door
Southern Veterinary Partners
Sploot Veterinary Care 
The Vets
Thrive Pet Healthcare
United Veterinary Care
Valley Veterinary Care
Veritas Veterinary Partners
VetCheck Pet Urgent Care Centers
Vetco Total Care
Veterinary Innovative Partners (VIP)
Veterinary Practice Partners (VPP)
Veterinary United
Vets Pets
Vetted Pet Health
VIP Petcare
Walmart Pet Services
WellHaven Pet Health
Western Veterinary Partners


We’re only warming up!

The creation of this report is a first step, with more to follow. Our analysts are in the process of extracting more relevant data, updating what has been gathered, and ultimately providing insights and analysis we hope will be a guide for your enterprise practice strategy. Stay tuned!

The data in the enterprise practice report was collected from public sources. We fact checked and reached out to almost every entity listed, to provide as accurate a report as possible. If we made an error, omission, or mischaracterization, please let us know and we will make the update. Please contact Monica Lynch at

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